Use the mouse to select each input box and type in the information, you can also use the 'Tab' keyboard key to move from box to box. Do not press the 'Enter' key on your keyboard at any time.

When completed ( all boxes must be filled in ) press the 'Submit Result' button to email to the organiser.

The 'Clear Result' will clear ALL the boxes, use the mouse and delete buttons to alter a single box.
The 'Nom' is the nomination number for the player.
The 'Points to' is the number of games won, with 3 additional points going to the winning team.

North West Kent ( Priory ) Over 45s Squash League


Date   Division
Posn Nom Home Team Nom Visitors Games Game Scores
Names Names Won For Ags For Ags For Ags For Ags For Ags
Total Games  
Won by   Matches to
Home Captain   Points to
Visiting Captain Sender (email)