Priory Over 45s Inter-Club Squash Leagues

Previous Seasons

2010 winners were Maidstone, winning the title on the last match of the season against Bromley LT.
2009 winners were Bromley Lawn Tennis
2008 winners were Mote.
2007 winners were Folkestone
2006 saw Bromley Lawn Tennis regain the division 1 title, this time the team consisted of Andrew Bonner, Clive London and Keith Palmer.
Bexley Lawn Tennis won the 2005 division 1 title, going one better than 2004 when they shared it.
2004 has seen two teams finish on the same, top points and therefore it has been decided to declare both teams, Bexley L.T. and Bromley L.T. the winners of the second Over 45s season.
Pictures of the winning players will be posted here when available, smiling will be compulsory for all three players ( or more ).
Bromley L.T. & S.C. Joint Winners, 2004 season.  Keith Palmer, Clive London and captain, T. Easton

Steve Falla, Tony O'Reilly and PJ Rutherford of Bexley Lawn Tennis, Joint 2004 Winners

The winners of the 2003, inaugural year for the Over 45's were Cannons, Bromley. The team consisted of Peter Willmor, Dave Leach, Colin Holden, Peter Young and Duncan Atkins. The three with the most appearances are pictured here, although clearly Dave doesn't want the publicity: