Priory Over 45s Inter-Club Squash Leagues

The Kent league for players 45 and over is based on the existing Priory area of South-East London - North-West Kent, extending from Dartford in the North-East,  Maidstone in the South-East, Tonbridge in the South and including the Kent postal areas of South-East London.

The idea is to run the league(s) mostly during the off-seasons between the summer and winter Priory leagues.

The first half of the fixtures will be played between the end of the winter and the start of the summer Priory leagues, and the second half will be between the summer and winter ( 2004/5 ). Therefore:

1st Half:  1st April - Mid May
2nd Half: 1st September - Mid October

Teams are to be three players,  two of which must be aged 45 or over ( at league start ) and the third no younger than 43.

Fixtures will be drawn up and distributed to team captains; there will be no fixed day of the week, but matches must be played in a given period ( much like the Surrey leagues operate now ).

To take part you must supply club/team/player details to the organisers in sufficient time to enable leagues to be drawn up, and there will be an entrance charge per team. Clubs can enter as many teams as they feel they can supply players for.

More detailed instructions can be found by going to instructions. The entry form for a team can be found at Entry Form.